What to Do When Your Husband Works Long Hours

I have a wonderful husband. I give him a hard time, but he really is the best. He's sweet, funny, caring, and thoughtful (most of the time, ha!). He works SO hard to provide for our family. He mostly works nights and has a long commute, so he's not home a lot. And when he is, he's usually sleeping during the day, or busy doing things he couldn't get to during the work week. So, I'm often on my own a lot, and parenting alone with the kids when they're home from school.

Iceberg: A Self Portrait

The epitome of the unknown... and unknowable
True potential yet to be revealed
Perhaps remaining a mystery for eternity
So cold and formidable to all encountered
But truly just lost and drifting

Mirror: Seeing Yourself Through Your Lover's Eyes

She stepped out of the hot shower, not refreshed, but weary with the thoughts of the day ahead. She dried off, slowly and methodically, her mind elsewhere on the million things she had to do. She stepped up to the foggy mirror and hesitated with her hand hovering above its surface. She wiped it off and stood looking at her naked reflection.

You Are the Hunter

Wild. They can tame your body, but not your soul. You feel restricted in your circumstances, but your dreams can't be contained. Your nature will always remember, always be lurking under the surface, whether you're aware of it or not. It shapes every experience and decision you make in life. You can't be tamed. You are wild. You are free. You are YOU. 

Where Do I Fit In?

Growing up, I always felt like an outcast.  I feel like most people have a strong sense of ethnic/racial identity, and they don't have to hesitate on the "race" portion of any form they've ever filled out.  As someone from an Italian and Thai background, I never really knew what to put or how to identify myself.