The Fabric of Our Lives: A Poem

The Fabric of Our Lives: A Poem

The Fabric of Our Lives: a poem about the drudgery of doing laundry. Read more from Mia Sutton blog at 

Heaping piles of dirty duds
Artificial smelling suds
Rinse and repeat
Sigh in defeat

Tumbling around like pebbles in my shoe
Endless churning void of if you only knew
Agitating in the name of domesticity
Clinging and flinging like static electricity

Cleanliness is next to godliness they say
They're welcome to join the fray
So fresh and so clean
At least that's what I think they mean

Frock the casbah, I shout and snicker
Mr. Humphreys, have you seen me knickers? 
I make up songs but no one gets it
Mismatched words like my favorite outfits

I'd gladly wear the emperor's new clothes
But you're always looking down your nose
Decked out in your rich and finest garb
No one gives a shit about your cashmere, Barb

I know, I know, it's the fabric of our lives
But that buzzer jolts me every time
Carting my rags from the clearance rack
Say it louder for the kids on my back

Wrinkle and crease, fluff and fold
Washing and drying it really gets old
Wearing our identities like a Halloween costume
But you know what happens when you assume

Organic, natural, fragrance free detergent
Only the best for your dress and garments
Like the best of intentions they end up tattered
Does it even really matter? 

The threads that I wear
Like 10 pieces of flair
More like the opposite of finery
Hey girl, can I wear leggings to the winery? 

Heaping piles of duds
Artificial smelling suds
Well, here we go again
Laundry or my biggest aversion


This post was inspired by a writing challenge from H&L Writes, a monthly membership program specifically for writers by Holl & Lane Magazine.

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The Fabric of Our Lives - a poem about the drudgery of laundry. Why am I always doing laundry? Read more on the Mia Sutton blog at #poem #poetry #laundry #motherhood 
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