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The Little Moments

The Little Moments


I'm not sure who said, "Life is made up of the little moments", but it's true. Sometimes I expend too much energy on waiting for big things that I don't always give the little things the recognition they deserve. 

So I made a list of the little moments that I noticed recently, as a reminder to myself to practice gratitude and joy as much as I can. 

- My kids like to pile on me and snuggle when we watch TV together. I smell their hair and squeeze them tight and know that the purest, fiercest, truest kind of love is from a mama to her kids. 

- Every night before he falls asleep, my hubs reaches for my hand. I feel safe and comforted and I can finally exhale the drudgery of the day. 

- My cat likes to get really close to my face and sniff me. It's probably because she's hungry and silently saying, "FEED ME, HUMAN!" But I like to pretend that we're having a connection. I look forward to our one-sided conversations daily. 

- I love to joke around with my kids at dinner. They'll ask me if they can do various things - have ice cream, go play at the neighbors' house, watch YouTube - and I'll say, "No, not right now" and they'll both pretend to pout and say, "But Mom!" And I'll respond, "Butt Mom? What's a Butt Mom? Do butts have moms?" And they'll giggle like it's the funniest thing they've ever heard and then ask me if they can do other things. The requests become more and more silly. And the cycle repeats. Listening to them laugh is the absolute best feeling. I like that they still think I'm funny. I dread the day that they tell me to stop telling my corny mom jokes. 

- My youngest was working on a math worksheet for his SCOPE homework and he never once asked me for help. He just sat down, read each question, and immediately wrote down the answer. I checked it when he was done, and it was all correct. I'm blown away by how smart he is. Math has never been my subject, so he gets that from his dad. 

- I talked to my dad the other day and just hearing his voice was enough. Aside from my hubs, nobody gets me like my dad does. I save up all my stories for when we talk on the phone and then just verbally vomit to him. He patiently listens every time. 

- I've been sleeping so much better lately. I've always been a night owl who slept maybe 4 or 5 hours a night. But lately I've been getting at least 7 hours or more and I feel so refreshed and less moody. 

Tell me, what are some little moments that you've noticed recently? 

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