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A Healthy New Year

A Healthy New Year

A healthy new year - resolving to take better care of my body. | mia-sutton.com 

I know what you're thinking. And yes, it's a total cliché that my word of the year for 2018 is: HEALTHY. 

The word healthy has a few different definitions, all of which seem appropriate to what I want to achieve in my life: 

1) free from disease or pain : enjoying health and vigor of body, mind, or spirit
2) showing physical, mental, or emotional
well-being : evincing health
3) beneficial to one's physical, mental, or emotional
state : conducive to health

I'm trying to be more intentional about drinking more water, making better food choices, and being more active (aka getting up from the computer once in a while). After the past two years of feeling like a lump on a log, I knew it was time to shut up and actually do something about it. 

I'm not someone who is an expert on recipes or workouts, but I know that some effort is better than no effort, right? Some reward is better than no reward. Anything is better than what I have been doing in the past. I'm going to be 35 years old this year (sigh) and I'm feeling my age now more than ever. So, it's time to stop lollygagging. (I love that word.) 

Numbers on the scale or on clothing labels don't concern me. Counting calories is out. I'm just going to hydrate, eat well, be active (more than usual), and go to sleep at a semi-reasonable time (#nightowl). 

I bought a goal planner for this year and have broken down my over-arching goals into smaller actionable steps. (P.S. Let me know if you're interested in a blog post about this process!) Because big picture goals always sound amazing to me, but without a clear plan, I always fail at execution. And I don't want to keep going down my path of slothiness. 

So, send me some New Year's butt-kicking healthy vibes. I can do this. I'm going to do this. 

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