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Finding Your Feet

Finding Your Feet

Finding Your Feet - Taking Comfort in Marriage Amidst Busy Lives

We're perpetually tired. Worn out and worn down. Sometimes, we let familiarity and routine take over. Because it's easy, and effort and energy are in short supply. Wake up. Kiss goodbye. Text. Dinner. Netflix. Sleep. Rinse and repeat. 

I look at you often and what I see now isn't what I used to see. It's not bad at all, just different. Adult. Parent. Provider. Nurturer. Partner. I reminisce on where life has taken us. How it brought us together. Where we'll go next. Most of all, I take comfort in your presence, even when no words are spoken. Because I know you. Your every expression, every gesture, every laugh, every sigh. I know you, body and soul. 

Life flies by, faster and faster every day. The blur of monotony and repetition. Some days, I wonder if you'll pass me by, too. Every day, the same chorus greets us.

"Did you remember to...?"
"Oh yeah, don't forget..."
"I won't be home till late...

Spinning out of control in this orbit of chaos. It's dark and I'm awake with my thoughts and it feels like the world won't stop closing in on me. But then my feet find your feet under the covers. And they stay pressed against each other, saying everything that needs to be said. My constant, my compass, my safe harbor in the world. My security blanket when life is too much to handle. 

My feet find your feet and I can breathe again. 

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Finding Your Feet - Taking comfort in marriage amidst our busy lives | marriage | mia-sutton.com
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