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Read the Rainbow: Reading Challenge Details

Read the Rainbow: Reading Challenge Details


Hi, friends! You might have seen my recent blog post announcing the 2018 Read the Rainbow Reading Challenge. So I wanted to follow up with some additional details for you, in case you're interested in participating. 

 But first, here's a quick recap: 

In this reading challenge, I'll be reading books each month of the year with covers that correspond to a color in the rainbow. For example, in January, I'll read a book that has a red cover.

I hope you'll join me. I think it will be fun. And it will be a way for us to clear out some books from our shelves that we might not have gotten to otherwise. 

Now - some additional details: 

1) There's no book police here. If a cover looks orange to you, then it's orange. There will be no debate on colors or shades or anything like that. 

2) If you can't participate every month, that's totally fine. We're all busy, so if you know you'll miss a month here and there, I would invite you to still consider participating because, like I said, life happens. I'll post on my blog at the end of every month about the challenge and you can link up your blog post, your IG post, your Twitter post, whatever you want. 

3) You only have to read one book per month for the challenge, but you can totally read all of your books for the month according to the color as well. That's what I'll be doing. But you don't have to. Whatever works for you. I'm easy. :) 

4) Have fun! I recently sorted some books I have on my shelf into color-coordinated piles and I had a blast figuring out what to read, and also seeing how little or how much of a color I have on hand. (I clearly need to find more books with brown covers!)

5) Please feel free to share with your book-loving friends. Use hashtag #readtherainbow2018

The schedule of colors is below. 


See you back here on January 31st, 2018 for our first link up. Can't wait to see all of your "red" reading choices. 

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