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Same But Different

Same But Different

Same But Different - 2 boys with different personalities | mia-sutton.com

I read this quote the other day, and as a mom of two children, it really rang true to me:

"It's funny, Bo, how a woman can bring two children into the world, raise them up the same way--the same rules and values, indulgences and disciplines. And still two separate people come out of it all." -from "Come Sundown" by Nora Roberts. 

My boys are so different. They approach life differently. They have different skills and hobbies. They react differently to the same situations. 

There are ways in which they take after me, or their dad. Or sometimes the hubs and I will look at each other and scratch our heads and wonder where a particular action/thought/whatever came from. 

But they both grew up in the same house with the same parents. They went to the same daycare/preschool and now attend the same elementary school. They have the same friends. They even dress alike sometimes. But they're still their own very unique individual selves. 

I'm an only child, so it wasn't something I ever really thought about. I remember when Will, our youngest, was born and remarking to the hubs that he was a totally different baby than Dom, our first. The things I had learned to expect from the first go-round - sleeping/eating issues, etc. - didn't always apply. 

Dom is most definitely a daddy's boy. Will is a mama's boy through and through. Dom loves to read. Will is a math whiz. Dom is an extroverted goofball. Will is an introverted goofball. I could go on and on. 

It just fascinates me that children who have the same genes and same upbringing can be so different. How their personalities are shaped. How they both have beautiful brown eyes that view the world so differently. How I love them both so fiercely, and equally. 

Same. But different. 

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Same but different. How no 2 kids are alike. | mia-sutton.com 
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