Writing Portfolio



Establishing Boundaries and the Importance of "No" for Freelancers


Depression and Mental Health: Telling Your Kids Mommy is Sad

I Didn't Launch My Podcast (And Dr. Dre Says It's OK)

Anxiety: The Invisible Illness

The Magic of Beginning Anew

I Married My High School Sweetheart

I Shaved My Head for a Good Cause

How to Feel At Home When You're Away

Life- Cultural Identity.jpeg

Cultural Identity: The Struggle to Fit In



Sometimes I Wonder (a poem about 'what if?')


Endangered (a poem on The Heart)

Body and Soul (a poem on The Body)

Beneath the Surface (a poem on The Mind)

The Root (a poem on The Beginning)

Six Little Letters (a poem on Family)

The Shore (a poem on Strength)

Unloved (a poem on childhood memories)

Entangled (a poem on marriage and a new identity)